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One-on-One Executive Coaching for Communication Skills (24-32 hours)

Cost-effective One-on-One Executive Coaching programs are the most direct way to target performance gaps and quickly attain professional goals. This individualized programs are designed to suit your needs and generate results.

Benefits of a one-on-one coaching program 

  • Apply new communication strategies directly to your workplace performance.
  • Adapt training to your workplace demands with a flexible learning plan.
  • Apply your personal learning style to a goal-oriented program that matches your pace.
  • Receive immediate feedback to advance your professional development.
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Improve your speaking skills
Learn and practice sounds, intonation, and other speech features to speak and be understood in American English.
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Improve your writing skills
Learn to write business documents with practical techniques and strategies for a variety of business situations.
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Improve work place performance
Learn how to apply new communication strategies directly to workplace performance.
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