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What are participants and company representatives saying about Perez Apple & Company’s programs?


”I have worked with Esther Perez Apple for almost 15 years and she has proven to be a reliable training source for accent and pronunciation training for nonnative English speakers. Ms. Perez Apple is able to adeptly assess clients’ needs and customize training programs that meet and exceed client expectations. Time after time, she has helped speakers speak more clearly and interact more effectively in the workplace. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her unconditionally!”



”The greatest benefit from language training is to know where my speaking difficulty is and  to improve them.  I had gotten used to how I communicate, but with a professional trainer focusing on my speech, I know where to attack my personal speaking challenges.  After I saw myself improve, I became more confident when communicating with my American colleagues.  I now, pay special attention to my specific speaking difficulties when talking to important persons.”

“As good as training gets”



”Our company had identified a well educated and motivated Thai speaker who we felt would be an asset as we expanded operations to southeast Asia. We hired Perez Apple & Company to work with her and improve her speaking skills so she could represent our company both in Miami and abroad.
The results were exactly what we were looking for! With Ms. Perez Apple’s expertise and experience, she knew exactly how to train her to make her more understandable and able to take on the day-to-day office operations which include telephone work and interaction with customers.”


More clients speaking 

“She (Ms. Perez Apple) helped me write better emails so that I wouldn’t communicate the wrong information or give a mistaken idea about deadlines and expectations. I learned to choose my words carefully and improve my writing with correct grammar and tone. This made a big difference in my ability to manage and reduce my stress level” 
“The training has helped my employees have fewer miscommunication problems that interfere with work getting done. Their improved pronunciation has made them better representatives of our company and its services. I would definitely recommend others to consider these benefits for their company.” 
“This is as good as training can get! Ms. Perez Apple showed me how to compensate for my native language interference (Mandarin) and speak more clearly. Now, they can understand everything I say on the telephone.” 
“As a ‘Cervantes style’ gentleman, I have experienced in the training a professionalism of the highest level. In whatever was necessary to improve my ability to communicate, the program was customized to my needs.” 
“I think the training helped employees recognize the expectations that American English speakers have and how to improve their pronunciation to meet those expectations. It taught them how important correct intonation and word stress are in speaking with our guests. The group worked together to provide feedback to each other and a support system for further improvement.” 
“I learned about the structure and organization that makes it easier and faster to write more effectively. I learned about common grammar and word choice errors that have helped immensely. In a very short time, I feel more confident as a writer and understand the essentials necessary.”